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Updated: 11 June 2020

     Science name
     Ian Ronald JENKINSON

     Passport name:
     Yann Ronald PETITJEAN

Chinese name:
  杨海风 YANG Hai Feng

Three courses
Career Profile
Scientific societies
Recent symposium presentations
M.Sc. dissertation and Ph.D. thesis

Working Group on Rheology,
nano/microFluidics and BioFouling
in the ocean and other natural
waters - RheFFO


Born: 25 April 1948 at Colwyn Bay, Wales, UK

Agency for Consultation and Research in Oceanography,
Hydrosphere Biorheology Laboratory,
19320 La Roche Canillac,

Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Institute of Oceanology,
7, Nanhai Road,
Qingdao 266071
People's Republic of China

Mobile 1:       +33 608 89 13 62
Mobile 2:       +86 15 22 44 22 987
Telephone:    +33 555 29 19 48

Ian Jenkinson at ACRO

Hydrosphere Biorheology Laboratory
Photo: Tomoyuki Shikata


                                                    QUALIFICATIONS (date awarded) ^


Ph.D. in Marine Biology 

The Queen's University of Belfast


M.Sc. in Oceanography 

University of Southampton


B.Sc. in Zoology and Marine Biology 

University of Wales, Bangor

                                                                         THREE COURSES ^

1987 Modelling and Management of Marine Systems. Two weeks. Copenhagen: Royal Danish Pharmaceutical High School and Council of Europe. Led by Dr S.E. Jørgensen

1980 Rheology of Fluids: Two weeks, University College of Wales Aberystwyth. Led by Professor Ken Walters.

1976 Identification of Phytoplankton for Advanced Participants. Three weeks, University of Oslo. Led by Dr G. Hasle.

                                                                         HONOURS ^

2013-        Advisory Board of the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th International Conferences on Harmful Algae.
Evaluation Panel of Katerva Awards for sustainability.
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing - Awarded Visiting Professor for Senior International Scientists
Council of the International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae
2007-15    Editorial Board of Journal of Oceanographic Research and Data
     Scientific Committee of the 4th International Plankton Symposium (PSIV), João Pessoa, Brazil, 1-5 April, 2007
        Chairman of Session on Copepods in Estuaries and the case of Eurytemora affinis, 9th International Conference on Copepoda, Hammamet, Tunisia, July 11-15, 2005
2005        Scientific Council - Plankton Symposium III, Figuera da Foz, Portugal, March 17-20
2004        Editorial Board of BDUA - Journal of Biology
2004-6     Strategic Editor of the Journal of Plankton Research of  Oxford University Press
1997        Participated in decisions of the International Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms (IOC of Unesco)
1997        Local organizer of the Annual Meeting of the ICES/IOC Working Group on Harmful Algal Bloom Dynamics, 22-26 April, at Saint Pardoux La Croisille, Corrèze, France.
1995-       Editorial board of the Journal of Plankton Research.
1995        Elected president of the Association Canillacoise pour la Promotion de La Recherche Océanographique (ACRO - La Roche Canillac)
1993-       External assessor (member of jury) for Ph.D. Theses (National University of Ireland, Université de Paris VI, Université de Bordeaux I, University of Pondicherry, University of Tasmania)
1986        Invited by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, as scientific expert and sole delegate for France, to a Workshop on International Collaboration on Red Tide Research, at Takamatsu, Japan; also subsequently invited to participate in a number of their meetings. 

Review of manuscripts for the following journals:

  • Biogeochemistry
  • Biology and Philosophy
  • Comptes-rendus Biologies
  • Deep-Sea Research II
  • Desalination and Water Treatment
  • Hydrobiologia
  • Journal of Applied Phycology
  • Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the
    United Kingdom
  • Journal of Marine Systems
  • Journal of Oceanology and Limnology
  • Journal of Plankton Research
  • Journal of Sherkin Island
  • Limnology & Oceanography
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Ecology Progress Series
  • Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies
  • Progress in Oceanography
  • Recent Patents on Materials Science
  • Research on Chemical Intermediates
  • Science Reports
  • Vie et Milieu
  • Water Research
  • Zoological Studies

Scientific (and other) ship time

1966 - In student vacation, went for 23 days on one of the last British steam trawlers from Grimsby, fishing mostly for cod off Iceland. I studied the gut contents of cod, and presented a student report to my university.
1975-1983 - First as part of my postdoctoral fellowship, then as independent consultant, took part in very numerous scientific cruises (mostly 1 or 2 weeks) off the west and south coasts of Ireland, mainly with the Department of Oceanography, frequently as cruise leader (Senior Scientist). Research vessels included the Queen of Aran, the Corunna, and the Irish national Research Vessel, Lough Beltra.
1983 participated in a cruise with the British National Institute of Oceanography to the Porcupine Sea Bight (Irish Economic Zone) aboard the British Royal Research Ship Challenger as observer for the Irish Government and invited researcher, 2 weeks.
1988 - Cruise in North Sea as Senior Scientist aboard Research Ship Victor Hensen (Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Bremerhaven, Germany), 3 days.
1996 - Cruise in North Sea aboard Danish Research Ship Dana (Danish Institute for Fisheries Research, Hirtshals), 2.5 weeks.
More boat time, see Pastimes

Human Languages:





1985-present I run the Agency for Consultation and Research in Oceanography (ACRO), Lavergne, F-19320 La Roche Canillac, France. This agency has two complementary aims:
1) Fundamental and collaborative research in oceanography. Public money for research is thereby trapped within the oceanographic discipline and so funds research more than once. Partly simultaneously, and partly interspersed with this activity I have been funded directly for research as follows (items back to 1987)
2) Editorial work, Linguistic and scientific pre-refereeing service mainly for clients in French Government research institutions and universities, helping them to translate, and both linguistically and culturally adapt their manuscripts for submission to international scientific journals in the English language.      
2012-2018  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanology, Qingdao, People's Republic of China                   
- Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology, Journal for Oceanology and Limnology (CJOL then JOL)
- Executive Editor-in-Chief of JOL (English-Language section)
- Simultaneous research activities, both in China and at the ACRO laboratory, France.
2010-2011  Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanology, Qingdao, People's Republic of China  
- Senior Invited Research Professor with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
- Collaborative project on biopolymer modification of physical oceanographic processes.   
2006-2008 University of Kyushu, "Kyudai", Fukuoka, Japan.
Roles, both in Japan and at the ACRO laboratory, France:
- co-mentoring doctoral students and post-docs associated with the Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science;
- lecturing to graduate students within the Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences;
- collaborative research on biorheology in relation to polymers secreted by harmful algae;
- collaborative research on conditions for germination, growth, allelopathy and interspecies competition, especially in harmful algae
2003-2004 Université de Lille, Station Marine, Wimereux
Within the French programme, PNEC (National research Programme on the Coastal Environment), working on rheological properties in blooms of the harmful alga, Phaeocystis.   
2001-2003  Journal of Plankton Research  (Oxford University Press)
Editor in Chief
2002-2005 Centre de Recherche sur l'Environnement et l'Aquaculture (CREMA - L'HOUMEAU - CNRS/IFREMER).
Characterising the rheological properties of marine intertidal and benthic fluff (crème de vase) using an ichthyoviscometer, measuring its flow through the gills of juvenile sole, and modelling its effect on ventilation and respiration.
1998 -  2001

ACRO collaborated with 8 other groups in a European ESPRIT 4 Project ALICE (Quantitative Flow Field Visualisation).
The partners developed a software package use High Performance Computing & Networking to parametrise turbulence in a sophisticated and user-friendly way.
I co-ordinated the input of four Groups supplying data and algorithms from observational and computational experiments:-
Danish Institute for Fisheries and Marine Research, Department of Coastal Science and Aquaculture (Prof. Thomas Kiørboe)
Stazione Zoologica 'Anton Dohrn' di Napoli, Italy  (Prof. Maurizio Ribera d'Alcalà)
Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Aversa, Italy  (Dept of Civil Engineering) (Prof. Michele Di Natale)

July 1995 - July 1996 Danish Institute for Fisheries and Marine Research,  Charlottenlund, Denmark (with Prof. Thomas Kiørboe)
Visiting Senior Research Fellow to work on visualization of turbulence, feeding of zooplankton, adhesion and recognition in phytoplankton, and other, related topics.     Lectured to Ph.D. and M.Sc. students at the University of Copenhagen.
1994, May University of Lund, Sweden.
Took part in a Swedish expedition (leader Dr E. Granéli,) to Fano on the Italian Adriatic.
Investigation of algal succession in relation to the problem of mucus production (mare sporco) in the Adriatic. Financed by the Swedish Government as a parallel contribution to the European Commission's programme MAR.
1993-1995 Centre de Recherche sur l'Environnement et l'Aquaculture (CREMA - L'HOUMEAU - CNRS/IFREMER) and IFREMER Brest
 Financed by the French National Programme on Toxic Algal Blooms to investigate the rôle of mucus in mechanisms of toxic action by phytoplankton at fish gills.
1988 (6 months) Alfred-Wegener-Institut for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany (contact person: Professor V. Smetacek).
Invited researcher. Rheology (deformation and flow properties) of seawater in relation to the phytoplankton content, as well as on the rheology of marine organic aggregates in relation to their microbial succession.
Teaching (in English) to Masters students at the University of Bremen on manipulation of marine organic aggregates, and measurement of their physical properties, as well as more general instruction on the pelagic food web.


1987 (4 months)  - On contract to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Mediterranean Blue Programme, through the Research Centre for Biology and Medical Oceanography (CERBOM), Nice, set up computer programmes to give quick presentation of fish landings by country and species (using FAO data), and also to model future pollution loadings in the Mediterranean, as functions of different envisaged scenarios.

1983 to 1985 - University of Nice, Laboratory for Marine Biology and Ecology (head Professor R. Vaissière (retired)

Temporary lecturer (Assistant associé)

Teaching of seminars and practical classes at levels of the B.Sc., Masters (Specialisation in Biology of Organisms and Populations) and Secondary-School Teaching Diploma (Licence, Maîtrise, CAPES et Agrégation).

    Participation in the FRONTAL project (Professor P. Nival)

Personal research on the rheology of phytoplankton cultures and then on seawater at four times of year (Collaboration with Professor M. Rinaudo, CNRS Centre for Plant Macromolecules, Grenoble)

1981-1983 - With the help of the Department of Fisheries (Dublin), carried out a survey of eels in Ross Lake, County Galway, and then set up an eel fishery and export business.    

1979-1983 - Worked as free-lance oceanographic consultant for various clients. Some of this work led to reports authored by myself (see last item). Also worked on red tides at Sherkin Island Marine Station, Co. Cork 

1978-1981 - Regional Technical College Galway (Dr. Barbara Wild)
Part-time teaching of Biology up to the level of B.Sc. in Aquaculture.    

1975-1978 - National University of Ireland (University College Galway), Department of Oceanography
Post doctoral fellowship: phytoplankton of waters west of Ireland (Professor B. McK. Bary)

1972 - 1975 - The Queen's University of Belfast (Marine Biology Station Portaferry)

Doctoral Fellowship (Tughan Trust) to study the plankton and nutrients of Strangford Lough, a non-stratified fjord, in relation to tidal and residual currents. 
Demonstrating in Zoology at Belfast and various aspects of Marine Algal and Animal Ecology (both pelagic and littoral) during field courses at Portaferry.  

1971-1972 - University of Bordeaux I (Arcachon Marine Biology Station)
French Government Scholarship to investigate the epibionts on three species of oyster, live and dead shells, in three salinity regimes (Professors R. Weil, J.-P. Boisseau, Dr C. Cazaux)   

1970-1971 - University of Southampton (Department of Oceanography)
M.Sc in Oceanography by exam and dissertation.

In addition to the multidisciplinary parts of the course, I took the following special options:

1969-1970 - Hinde House Comprehensive School, Sheffield, England. Teaching Mathematics and other subjects.


1968-969 - University of Liverpool (Department of Botany)

Research Assistant; investigation into the effects of copper and tin on the germination and growth of green and brown ship-fouling algae

Demonstrating in macroalgology

1965-1968 - University College of North Wales Bangor (now University of Wales, Bangor)

B.Sc (General Scheme) in Zoology and Marine Biology (Auxiliary subject: Biochemistry and Soil Science)



Association Canillacoise pour la promotion de la Recherche Océanographique (President)

Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography

British Phycological Society

International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae (Chair of Statutes Committee)

British Society for Rheology

Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Groupe français de Rhéologie

Union des Océanographes de France


Sailing since I was 10 (including yacht delivery as professional skipper, around France, Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark - the last time in 2002); Skiing; Hill and country walking, recently in Corrèze, France and a lot in the Laoshan peaks of Shandong, China; Reading; Singing; A bit of gardening and DIY.  


14-2018 RheFFO (Rheology micro/nanoFluidics and bioFouling in the Ocean and other natural waters) International Working Group, Ian R Jenkinson, Elisa Berdalet, Wei-Chun Chin, Haibing Ding, Jizhou Duan, Florence Elias, Zhuo Li, Xavier Mari, Laurent Seuront, Jun Sun, Oliver Wurl & Tim Wyatt. Algal blooms: how are they harming models used for climate management? Poster at 18th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Nantes, France, 21-26 October, 2018.  Doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20026.03526

13-2012 Jenkinson, Ian R. & Sun, Jun. Laminar-flow drag reduction found in harmful algae cultures: Is this the Lotus-leaf effect in phytoplankton? 15th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Changwon, Gyeongnam, Republic of Korea, 28 October - 2 November, 2012 Download ppt and run

12-2010 Jenkinson, Ian R. & Sun, Jun. Thalassorheology, algal blooms and vertical carbon flux. 14th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Hersonnissos, Greece, 1-5 November,
2010. Powerpoint

11-2009 Jenkinson, Ian R. Deformation, adhesion, recognition and genes in the hydrosphere: What are the relative importances of D'Arcy-Thompsonian and Darwinian structuring? Poster at the American Society for Limnology and Oceanography, Winter Meeting, Nice, France, February, 2009. pdf

10-2008 Shikata, T., Matsubara, T., Yoshikawa, S., Nukata, A., Nagasoe, S., Yamasaki, Y., Shimasaki, Y., Oshima, Y., Jenkinson, I.R. & Honjo, T. Effects of light quality on the initiation and development of
Skeletonema costatum blooms. 13th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Hong Kong, 3-7 November 2008. pdf

9-2008 Jenkinson, I.R. Thickening in HABs and thin layers: The need to bring rheological expertise into research teams. 13th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Hong Kong, 3-7 November 2008. Page here

8-2008 Jenkinson, I.R. Ocean Rheology and Plankton Biology. XVth International Congress on Rheology, Monterey, CA, USA, 3-8 August 2008.

7-2006 Jenkinson, Ian R. and Wyatt, Tim. Exopolymeric secretions in HABs: How flow, diffusion and bioengineering may depend on length scale (as well as on rheology, turbulence, behaviour, chemistry, surface properties at membranes, etc).  12th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-8 September 2006.
Abstract Powerpoint (13MO)

6-2005 Jenkinson, Ian R. and Ryan, Tom. Copepods and other netplankton in the Shannon estuary, Ireland, and two tributary estuaries: Composition and grazing pressure. 9th International Conference on Copepoda, Hammamet, Tunisia, July 11-15 2005. Abstract. Powerpoint (17 MB) Bottom line is that grazing pressure by the Euphausiid Mesopodopsis slabberi is 2 orders of magnitude more than that by the copepods.
5-2005 Jenkinson, I.R. Understanding the mechanisms and dynamics of whole seawater at metre to micrometre scales: Can we still make do with proxies?  TOS-IOC International Ocean Research Conference, Unesco, Paris , June 6-10 2005. Poster [pdf]. (May not read correctly with Ghostview or kGhostview. Xpdf or Adobe Acroread seem to work.)

4-2005 Jenkinson, I.R. Environmental control of plankton: interactions with planktonic control of the environment. Plankton Symposium III, Figuera da Foz, Portugal, 17-20 March, 2005. www. . Invited Keynote presentation. Abstract [pdf]

3-2004 Jenkinson, I.R., Blanc, N., Claireaux, G., Leguay, D. Deschamps, S., Guillou, G. and Gentien, P. Using a fish as a rheometer: fluid-mud flow over gills as a function of particulate organic matter concentration. Oral presentation, ASLO/TOS Ocean Research Conference, Feb. 15-20, Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA. Abstract

2-2004 Jenkinson, I.R. Effects of phytoplankton on turbulence from small to large Reynolds numbers: A model with fractally intermittent turbulent dissipation and fractally distributed excess shear-thinning viscosity in fractally aggregated phytoplankton exopolymer. Oral presentation, European Geosciences Union, 1st General Assembly, Nice, France 25-30 April 2004. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 6.

1-2004 Jenkinson, I.R. Effects of phytoplankton on ocean turbulence: Observations using Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV). Poster presentation, European Geosciences Union, 1st General Assembly, Nice, France 25-30 April 2004. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 6 ; Poster [pdf

   PUBLICATIONS (In bold - peer-reviewed) ^

Trouble accessing a paper?  Request a copy

Edition of Collective work

4-2015. SUN Song, SUN Xiao-Xia & JENKINSON I.R. (Guest editors). Special Issue on Giant Jellyfish Blooms and Climate Change. Hydrobiologia, Vol. 754: 1-214.

3-2013. McManus, M.A.,  Berdalet, E., Ryan, J. , Yamazaki, H., Jaffe, J.S., Ross, O.N.,  Burchard, H., Jenkinson, I.  & Chavez, F.P. (eds), Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms, GEOHAB Core Research Project: Advances and Challenges for Understanding Physical-Biological Interactions in HABs in Stratified Environments. IOC and SCOR, Paris and Newark, Delaware, USA, 62 p. [web page]

2-2008. Azeiteiro, U.M., Jenkinson, I. & Pereira, M.J. (Guest editors). Plankton Studies. Hydrobiologia, 614: 1-105

1-1987 Dale, B., Baden, D.G., Bary, B.McK., Edler, L., Fraga, S., Jenkinson, I.R., Hallegraeff, G.M., Okaichi, T., Tangen, K., Taylor, F.J.R., White, A.W., Yentsch, C.M. & Yentsch, C.S. The Problems of Toxic Dinoflagellate Blooms in Aquaculture. Proceedings of a Workshop and Conference, Sherkin Island, Ireland, 8-13 June 1987, 61 p.


86-2020 M. Rajkumar, S. Azhagar, J. Sun, I.R. Jenkinson, M. Mustafizur Rahman, J. Sesh Serebiah. Seasonal variations of plankton in Kodiakkarai and Arukattuthurai on the Vedharanyam coast, South India. Regional Studies in Marine Science.

85-2020 Santosh Kumar Karn, Anne Bhambri, Ian R. Jenkinson, Jizhou Duan & Awanish Kumar. The roles of biomolecules in corrosion induction
and inhibition of corrosion: a possible insight. Corrosion Reviews.

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83-2020. Jiawei Hu, Zhuo Li, Ai Zhang, Shun Mao, Ian R. Jenkinson & Wenquan Tao. Using a strong chemical oxidant, potassium ferrate (K2FeO4), in waste activated sludge treatment: A review. Environmental Research. doi.: 10.1016/j.envres.2020.109764

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81-2019. Santosh Kr. Karn & Ian R. Jenkinson. Book review: Plastics and Microplastic: a major risk factor to the soil, water and marine environments. Current Biotechnology, 8(1): 64-67
doi : 10.2174/2211550108999190717091621 

80-2019. Yanqiu Zhang, Sensen Sheng, Shun Mao, Xiaohan Wu, Zhuo Li, Wenquan Tao & Ian R. Jenkinson. Highly sensitive and selective fluorescent detection of phosphate in water environment by a functionalized coordination polymer. Water Research, 163: 114883  doi.: 10.1016/j.watres.2019.114883

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