Updated 2015-08-20
The International Working Group on

Rheology, nano- and micro-Fluidics and and bioFouling in the Ocean, and other natural waters


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Contact: Ian Jenkinson

RheFFO WG publications and presentations

It's important the the working group keeps track of our publications. Partly this is to validate our group, and show the valuable work our members are doing. This will be important for some members to justify to their institutuions and funding bodies why they are devoting time and expertise to RheFFO. As RheFFO gets recommendations, endorsements and funding, it will help our sponsors to justify helping us by showing the results we have obtained.

An important second reason is to provide a compendium of RheFFO work kept together so that it can be easily consulted by members, even though it is so interdisciplinary.

We ask all members who publish work to request Ian Jenkinson to allocate a publication or a presentation number in advance of publication, so that it can be included in the acknowledgements. (This can usually be added in proof after the paper has been accepted.) If you don't manage to mark the RheFFO number on the publication, ask for a number anyway, so that it can be included on the present web site. Please send your papers to Ian!

It has been decided that this scheme starts on (and is back-dated to) 2015-01-01. Please inform Ian of all your publications starting on this date, and I will allocate a publication number. Please also send Ian a pdf of the publication. If you do not wish to have available online, it can be kept offline, but available for sending privately (and hence legally) to bona fide researchers.

RheFFO WG publications
2 - Jenkinson, I.R. & Seuront, L. (in press). Thalassorheology, organic matter and plankton: towards a more viscous approach in plankton ecology. J. Plankt. Res.
1- Jenkinson, I. R., Berdalet, E., Chin, W.-C., Herminghaus, S., Leterme, S., Mitchell, J. G., Orchard, M.; Qiu, R., Seuront, L., Wang, P., Wyatt, T. & Li, Z.. (in press). Micro- and nano-fluidics around HAB cells. In MacKenzie, L. et al. (eds) Proceedings of 16th Int. Conf. Harmful Algae  ISSHA & IOC of UNESCO, 4 p.

RheFFO WG presentations